Brides looking for a laid-back, even edgy approach to their big day need look no further than the & FOR LOVE collection designed by (perfectly named!) Angel Spendlove. Together with co-founder Julie Forand, & FOR LOVE is proudly handmade in Canada since this OCAD grad’s line launched in 2012. & FOR LOVE wedding dresses thrill with chill chic, relaxed elegance and just the right hint of downtown sexiness. Some of them even come in black! Now available at Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay. @and_for_love 

Brides just want to have fun! And Angel Spendlove of & FOR LOVE makes sure they can, with her contemporary crop top Cashmere BT wedding ensemble. “Game of Thrones” may have inspired the hand-sewn fringe, handmade braid and the medieval girdle of the skirt, but the resulting look is totally today. Just right for a rock ‘n’ roll, boho bride. Cuffs and clutch by Rita Tesolin. 

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