Frascara designers Francesca Mammoliti and Cindy Fine have a special fondness for creating special occasion clothes. “It’s so creative and inspiring, and you get to use the most gorgeous fabrics,” says Fine, a Ryerson grad with a decade of experience. Mammoliti, a 22-year Frascara veteran with an International Academy degree, succinctly itemizes the duo’s bridal gown hallmarks: a sleek silhouette, soft fabrics such as tulle and crepe, and beaded embellishment. Frascara wedding gowns are available at Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay. 

Frascara designers Francesca Mammoliti and Cindy Fine may have used a computer-generated pattern and a high-tech cutting machine to achieve the delicate lacy cut-outs of their Cashmere BT wedding extravaganza’s asymmetrically-tiered skirt. But isn’t there a little old-fashioned charm in the fact that the pretty petals of the beaded bodice were “romanced” from the machine’s extra material — the “donut holes”, if you will. 

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