Hoax Couture

Whether it’s a James Kudelka dance premiere, a Tragically Hip concert or a society wedding, fabulousness is guaranteed when Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle of Hoax Couture are involved. Since they teamed up in 1985, the Hoax Couture design duo have custom-clothed more celebrities, performers and brides than they can remember. They are also founders of Dare To Wear Love, a fundraiser involving more than 35 Fashion Designers that has raised $500,000+ for the Stephen Lewis Foundation to help turn the tide of the HIV and AIDS pandemic in Africa. @hoaxcouture 

When Chris Tyrell and Jim Searle of Hoax Couture conceive a wedding dress, there’s no blushing involved. Their ensemble is an eye-catcher designed to be worn by a supremely self-assured bride. A short, sassy fantasia of pure white ruffles and blossoms; this is an ultra-feminine wedding dress that says “Let’s do this thing!” Earrings by Rita Tesolin. 

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BT Couture made using 100% soft, pure, luxurious Cashmere®