Sofia Sokoloff

Let’s just say that Sofia Sokoloff is on very intimate terms with the elements that make for great lingerie. Studies at LaSalle and UQAM, an apprenticeship in a Paris fashion office and costume designing for Cirque de Soleil have honed this Argentina-born designer’s uniquely modern approach to underwire bras, panties and “indoor wear.” Since 2011, under her eponymous label, she’s been creating buzz with 100% made-in-Québec undergarments recognized for their flirty sensuality. 

Perhaps surprisingly, Sofia Sokoloff had to put nearly 100 hours of careful labour into her sexy little bridal lingerie set. Each of its Cashmere BT flowers had to be laser cut before the overall pattern was matched and assembled by hand. We’re pretty sure the newlyweds will think it was worth the effort! Cashmere BT Laced Veil by David Dunkley. Arm piece by Rita Tesolin. 

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